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We are an expert Rabbit Breeder, get associated with us, Start Rabbit Farm and EARN MONTHLY Income of around Rs. 60,000/- 100% Buy Back Agreement, 24X7 Support Balda Rabbit Farm

About Us

Live stock is one such industry which has been into existence for decades as animals and products & services related to them are always in requirement. We, Balda Live Stock analysed the rising market of livestock based products & services and established our Rabbit Farming company more than a decade ago in the year of 2011. Ever since, we have been working as a breeder and contract farming providing company of Rabbits. We provide various breeds of rabbits like Sovient Chinchilla, New Zealand White, Grey Gianta and Dutch & Black. We are also providing consultancy solutions to customers to help them establish their rabbit farming business. All the customers who get associated with us are satisfied with our services because of their reasonable pricing and prompt response. Moreover, we remain respectful and honest with all our customers
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Breeds of Rabbits

New Zealand White, Grey Gianta, Sovient Chinchilla and Dutch & Black are some of the famous breeds of Rabbit.

Benefits of Rabbit Farming

Below mentioned are some of the major benefits of rabbit farming:
The meat of Rabbit carries high high quality protein, which is good for the health.

Some Amazing Facts About Rabbit Farming:

Rabbit Farming is a business, which is approved by the Central Government of India.

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Facility Provided

We provide many facilities, some of them are as follows:
  • 7 days of free training
  • Purchase for buy back with agreement
  • Transportation
  • Study & Medicine Kit
  • Material provided for free
  • Complete information about the location of establishing the farm
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